Xavier F. Gouchet

Staff Engineer at Datadog

Talk Title

Unleash your programming creativity


Salle Moebius




14:00 > 45 min


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Software development is often seen as a very scientific discipline, generally viewed through the lens of a Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) curriculum. What is often overlooked is that many of a programmer's tasks, like debugging edge cases and approaching novel problems, require more creativity than pure logic.

Based on my own experience writing music, I've come to agree that STEM might need some balance with the Arts and that STEAM is a valuable approach for innovative knowledge work.

In this talk, which will feature a musical live performance, we'll explore ways to feed and improve your creativity and apply it to problem-solving in your projects - whether they are part of your work or side projects.

Speaker Bio

Xavier F. Gouchet is a Staff Engineer at Datadog, experienced public speaker, and proud father. Passionate about open source, testing and architecture, he has been dabbling in Android since the Cupcake days and has been working as a professional Android engineer since 2012.