Xavier F. Gouchet

Senior Software Engineer at Datadog

Talk Title

Demystifying the test pyramid


Salle 2.02




10:30 > 45 min


on Twitter

Back in 2010, Mike Cohn in his "Succeeding with Agile" book, introduced the pyramid of tests. Since then, it has been criticized (mostly for being unsuitable for many real life situations), slightly updated, but its core concept is still seen in many articles. So what value can we get out of the test pyramid, and how can you adapt it to better fit with your use cases, workflows and setup.

After explaining the original concept of the testing pyramid, we will discuss its pitfalls and caveats, then provide more depth and a new perspective on this tool while providing tips and guidelines that engineers can use to improve their test suites.

Speaker Bio

Xavier F. Gouchet is a Senior Software Engineer at Datadog, experienced public speaker, and proud father. Passionate about open source, testing and architecture, he has been dabbling in Android since the Cupcake days and has been working as a professional Android engineer since 2012.