droidcon Diversity & Inclusion Community Program

Calling all changemakers and advocates for diversity and inclusion in the tech industry! We are thrilled to announce that applications for the droidcon Diversity & Inclusion Community Program are now open!

If you are passionate about empowering your community, organizing impactful events, engaging in public speaking, creating content, and mentoring others, this is the perfect opportunity for you to apply on behalf of your community.

As a D&I Community ambassador, you will join a global community of like-minded individuals dedicated to building a more inclusive tech world. With access to exclusive resources, networking opportunities, and support, ambassadors have the power to make a lasting difference. Together, we can create an environment where all individuals, regardless of their background, can thrive and succeed in the tech industry.

Don’t miss out on this chance to be a catalyst for change. Apply now and be a part of a movement that is reshaping the future of tech. Please fill out the following application form if you are already a member of a D&I community and like to support underrepresented groups. Apply here.

As a D&I Community ambassador, you will play a vital role in building a more inclusive tech community while enjoying a range of benefits and opportunities. Here’s what we have to offer:

Embrace a Global Dev Community:

Join our global community of developers who share your passion for diversity and inclusion. Gain access to exclusive resources and connect with like-minded individuals from around the world.

Dedicated Spaces for Your Expertise:

We value the knowledge and insights you bring to the table. As an Ambassador, you will receive support from droidcon to organize workshops for your communities at our events. This is your chance to share your expertise, spark meaningful conversations, and inspire others to embrace diversity and inclusion.

Empower Others through Talks:

As an Ambassador, you will receive early access to information when the CFP opens. We will also provide the necessary training and support to help you prepare a session and deliver a talk at our events. Your unique perspective and experiences can inspire and empower others in the tech community.

Engage in Meaningful Dialogue:

By attending droidcon events with full access tickets, you can connect with fellow developers, learn new skills, and gain valuable insights. Our events provide a platform for diverse voices to be heard, contributing to a more balanced and inclusive industry.

Opportunity to give talks in a smaller group environment: 

Secluded from the top tech talks, we want to give speakers who feel more comfortable in smaller groups the opportunity to share their knowledge and exchange ideas with like-minded people. Questions can be asked and topics discussed in a relaxed atmosphere in smaller groups. Please apply here as D&I community speaker.

Showcase Your Cause:

We want to provide you with the opportunity to showcase your organization or community at our events. Enjoy a free stand area and display space, allowing you to effectively communicate your mission and connect with attendees who share your values.

Mentor the Next Generation:

Make a difference in the lives of aspiring technologists by becoming a mentor. As an Ambassador, you can guide and support individuals who are just starting their journey in the tech industry.

Share Your Insights:

Our platform is your platform. We encourage our Ambassadors to share their experiences, perspectives, and valuable insights with the broader droidcon community. By sharing your message.

Accessible Tickets for All:

We believe that accessibility is a cornerstone of inclusivity. As an Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to distribute diversity tickets, team tickets, and reduced-price tickets to members of your community.

Make droidcon Your Playground:

At droidcon, we value your expertise on any topic that aligns with our mission. Previous ambassadors have shared their knowledge on a wide range of subjects, including Google technologies, DEI efforts, well-being, and more.

Join our D&I Community Program and be a catalyst for change in the tech industry. Together, we can shape a future where diversity is celebrated, inclusion is the norm, and everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive.

The Art of Giving Your First Talk: Unleash Your Inner Speaker

My name is Madona Wambua, and we will embark on an exciting journey together—the journey of giving your first talk. Whether it’s for a work presentation, a professional conference, or a community event, delivering a talk can be a nerve-wracking experience. I know from first-hand experience. However, I firmly believe you can turn this challenge into a rewarding opportunity for personal growth with the right mindset, preparation, and practice. So far, I have spoken to over 20 events and given two major Keynotes. In this session, we will look at key steps to help you deliver a compelling first talk and inspire your audience. By the end of our time together, you will have learned the following:
  1. Understand the importance of preparation and mindset for delivering a successful talk.
  2. Discover strategies for crafting an engaging and impactful talk.
  3. Learn practical techniques to captivate your audience and maintain their attention.
  4. Gain confidence in handling nervousness and overcoming stage fright.
  5. Acquire skills for delivering a memorable conclusion and leaving a lasting impression.

Madona Wambua

Senior Android Engineer

Madona is a Founder & CTO Jibu Labs, Author, Keynote Speaker, Senior Android Engineer, and Google Developer Expert for Android with over years of experience building Android Applications. She is also a GDG NYC Lead, Women Tech Maker Ambassador, a host of Tech Talks with Madona, and a developer who enjoys sharing her Android knowledge and teaching others how to make Android applications.