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Android developer at DeNA

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Handling focus in 2024: supporting different navigation ways with Compose


Salle 2.02




15:20 > 45 min


on Twitter

Not all users navigate your application with the touch screen. Besides TalkBack, depending on the situation, they might use a directional pad, a keyboard, or even a game controller.
Chances are you might already have experience handling these situations, but have you tried with Compose?

In this talk, we will first brush up your knowledge on the topic, by reviewing together the lesser-known ways of navigation, before going over a list of the problems your users might face and how to solve them with XML.
We will then explore how to handle those different situations with Compose, so that hopefully you have all the information you need to migrate to Compose without losing anyone on the way!

Speaker Bio

Ex-IT recruiter turned Android developer living in Japan.
I care about accessibility and privacy.