Tamás Bazsonyi

Solutions Engineer @ Bitrise

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Boosting your Android CI through integrating Build Cache


Salle Moebius




12:25 > 20 min


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If your build times have crept up, modularizing your Gradle project and setting up a Remote Build Cache can lead to drastic reduction in execution time.

We are going to go through the initial steps of integrating a Build Cache into the CI process, look at some of the most common issues that you can run into and we'll look at some examples of performance improvements you can expect with the new and improved setup.

Join this talk to learn about how you can start making use of a Build Cache to achieve the fastest build performance.

Speaker Bio

Tamas Bazsonyi is a member of the Solutions Engineering team at Bitrise working with customers in the EMEA region to implement CI/CD pipelines successfully that help them during their day-to-day jobs. During his career he’s been working as a Full Stack Developer, QA Engineer and also jumping into mobile app development. Some of his favourite topics are Test Automation and Automation in general.