Sinan Kozak

Android Staff Engineer - Delivery Hero

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Clean Code Base: Harnessing the Power of Android Lint and Custom Rules


Salle Blin




11:25 > 20 min


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As Android developers, we all know the importance of writing clean and maintainable code. However, as our codebase grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to ensure that all developers are following the same coding standards. That's where Android Lint comes in.

Android Lint is a powerful tool that can help us catch a wide range of potential issues in our codebase. Lint can save us hours of debugging time by identifying issues early on. But did you know that you can also create your own custom Lint rules?

In this talk, we'll dive deep into the world of Android Lint and explore how to create custom rules that fit our specific needs. We'll cover the basics of how Lint works, the different types of rules that we can create, and some practical examples of how to use Lint to improve code quality at scale.

By the end of this talk, you'll have a solid understanding of how to use Android Lint to improve code quality and productivity on your projects. You'll be equipped with the knowledge to create your own custom rules and ensure that your codebase is clean and maintainable at all times.

Speaker Bio

Sinan is an Android GDE and he works as Staff Engineer at Delivery Hero, food delivery company. He has been working with Android since 2011 and has 11 years of professional experience with software development. He is passionate about Kotlin and loves to contribute open-source.