Sinan Kozak

Android Staff Engineer - Delivery Hero

Talk Title

Unblocking The Main Thread: Solving ANRs and Frozen Frames


Salle Moebius




17:15 > 45 min


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In the realm of Android development, the main thread is our stage, but too often, it becomes a battleground where performance issues arise, leading to ANRs, frozen frames, and sluggish Uls. As we strive for excellence in user experience, understanding and optimizing the main thread becomes essential to prevent these common performance bottlenecks.

We have strategies and best practices for keeping the main thread uncluttered. We'll examine the root causes of performance issues and techniques for monitoring and improving main thread health as well as app performance.

In this talk, participants will walk away with practical knowledge on enhancing app performance by mastering the main thread. We'll share proven approaches to eliminate real-life ANRs and frozen frames to build apps that deliver butter smooth experience.

Speaker Bio

Sinan is an Android GDE and he works as Staff Engineer at Delivery Hero, food delivery company. He has been working with Android since 2011 and has 11 years of professional experience with software development. He is passionate about Kotlin and loves to contribute open-source.