Romain Boisselle

Kotlin Multiplatform @ Kodein Koders

Talk Title

Let’s compose this presentation!


Salle Moebius




11:45 > 45 min


on Twitter

Jetpack Compose allows you to create apps with UIs that "eliminates time". Its base pattern can be summarised as "for each state you define, there is a UI you can describe". If the state is {Slide,Step}, then this app can very easily describe a presentation. In this live-coding session, we will create on stage the presentation we will present!
We will start from a few simple slides with Compose for Desktop and then add more and more features to the presentation as we dive into Compose concepts (screen adaptation, animations, pre-loading, optimisations, quick navigation, etc.).
Each new slide will build on what we created for the previous one, until we have created a full declarative presentation, and a presentation to declare it!

Speaker Bio

Kotlin early enthusiast. Romain started to use it on the backend before the beta stages. Since 2018, he is part of the Kotlin Multiplatform adventure by working on and maintaining the first non-JetBrains multi-platform library: Kodein. He is now using Kotlin, everywhere… mostly from the French Alps!