Paul Ruiz

Google Developer Advocate, On-Device Machine Learning

Talk Title

On-Device Machine Learning for Android with MediaPipe


Salle 2.02




14:00 > 45 min


on Twitter

On-device machine learning has been steadily becoming more powerful and easy to use, allowing developers to add increasingly incredible features to their mobile apps, such as image generation, object detection, and LLM-based assistants. To help our developers build better apps in less time, Google has released MediaPipe, a cross-platform tool designed to make the process of adding custom and advanced ML features to your apps even easier, regardless of your experience level with machine learning. Come learn how you can add ML to your developer toolkit and prepare for the future of app development.

Speaker Bio

Paul is a machine learning developer advocate at Google with a background in Android and IoT. Outside of work Paul is a part of the maker community where he 3D prints, does woodworking, builds electronics projects, and makes movie-quality props and costumes. Before getting into tech Paul worked as a zookeeper where he trained and cared for various animals, including giraffes, sea lions, and bears.