Oussama Hafferssas

Staff Android Engineer at Trainline

Talk Title

Memory footprint in large scale Android projects


Salle 2.02




14:20 > 45 min


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The goal of the session is to build the core understanding for handling memory in large Android projects.

The talk will cover memory handling in the full tools chain that every Android developer uses: Gradle builds, unit tests, Espresso tests and of course the IDE.
It will cover by real life examples of pitfalls and issues related to handling memory and how to overcome them and the tools to help with that.

Speaker Bio

Currently a Staff Software Engineer at Trainline with focus on developer experience and tooling modernisation for a large Android team. I have been working on Android apps since the Sony Ericsson Xperia x10 as Freelancer then mainly on banking and transport apps.

As a visual serial learner myself, I love explaining things visually and helping everyone get on the same boat!