Merab Tato Kutalia

GDE for Android | Android Lead @ TNET

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Demystifying CTFs – manipulating Android apps


Salle Blin




14:20 > 45 min


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This session dives into the exciting world of Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions, specifically focusing on the challenges related to Android security and application manipulation.

We'll embark on a journey to:

Uncover the secrets of CTFs: Gain a clear understanding of CTFs, their format, and the skills they test.
Demystify Android vulnerabilities: Explore common security weaknesses found in Android apps, equipping you to identify potential risks.
Master the art of manipulation: Learn practical techniques for manipulating Android applications, including basic decompilation, analysis, and exploitation (conducted ethically within a controlled environment).

Speaker Bio

Software Engineer specializing in Android. He is a fan of all things in software engineering. Tato maintains an active podcast about work ethics and career growth and writes tech blogs. He is a GDG organizer and speaker at international conferences (DroidCon, DevFest, OWASP). Community builder. Does 1:1 mentoring. Alongside his technological pursuits, he is an amateur cyclist and runner.