Marcel Pintó

Inide Makers

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Three ways to use AI on Android: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


Salle 2.02




17:15 > 45 min


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Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the world, more and more apps are integrating AI, but are we doing it the right way?

In this talk, I will explore practical strategies for using AI responsibly in your Android apps. We will start with the “Ugly”, by showcasing a basic implementation and exploring the consequences. We will move forwards by improving our strategy but exposing the “Bad” pitfalls and leaks we could face. To finish, I will walk you through the “Good” strategy to craft secure prompts, leakproof API keys, and build robust architectures for cost-optimized AI integration in your Android apps.

Speaker Bio

From the sunny city of Barcelona to the cold city of Munich, Marcel is an expert Android developer that worked for small startups to big corporations like Google and currently exploring several projects as Indie-Maker.