Kinnera Priya Putti

Android developer at ioki

Talk Title

Structuring modules in an Android app project


Salle Moebius




13:45 > 20 min


on Twitter

Let us suppose we have a multi-module project that builds faster than a monolith.
We have embraced separation of concerns and can now test a self-contained module without mocking the universe.
We are impressed with modularization, so we create more modules.
The question now is: How do we organize these modules?

In this session, we’ll dive into how many modules are too many in an Android app project and whether there can be too many. You’ll leave this talk with an understanding of how we can improve Android app modularisation to increase developer productivity, organize a clear project structure, access modules faster and assign ownership for better workflows.

Speaker Bio

Kinnera (she/her) is an Android Developer at ioki, working on platform features for the white label apps. After an electrical engineering degree, she worked in Tokyo with Android and React Native and was a Lead for WomenWhoCode Tokyo. A little over a year ago, she moved to Frankfurt and joined ioki. She believes sugar comes first and will not ask you to prove otherwise.