Kinnera Priya Putti

Android developer at ioki

Talk Title

Journey of the Android white label process


Salle Blin




17:50 > 45 min


on Twitter

White labelling is an integral process for customising on-demand solutions at ioki. We have 80 modules in-app and 70+ projects being released biweekly, a number that is ever-growing! With an increasing number of features and code, we need to separate responsibilities between the core feature-driven app and the white-label projects, while optimising for scalability.

During this talk, we will discuss
- how Android platform features like modularisation, product flavors and resource overriding can shape the white labelling pipeline,
- how we can continuously evolve our project architecture to fit team and product requirements,
- how to isolate the core features of an app from the customisation process, and
- what makes for a successful run to a new white-label project release!

Speaker Bio

Kinnera (she/her) is an Android Developer at ioki, working on platform features for the white label apps. After an electrical engineering degree, she worked in Tokyo with Android and React Native and was a Lead for WomenWhoCode Tokyo. A little over a year ago, she moved to Frankfurt and joined ioki. She believes sugar comes first and will not ask you to prove otherwise.