James Gatt

Student Developer, Android Custom ROM Maintainer

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Code AOSP: No time to EOL (die)


Salle 2.04




15:20 > 45 min


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Agent James Gatt is enjoying a tranquil life after departing from his daily driver, the Google Pixel 2 XL which lost regular Android updates after October 2020 on Android 11.
However, his peace is short-lived as James comes across an old friend of his, AOSP.

AOSP is on a mission to rescue legacy devices (including his Pixel 2 XL) from the captivity of EOL and needs agent Gatt to help!
The mission of bringing up newer firmware for older hardware sounds like a difficult one, but will James manage to bring new life to unsupported devices and put an end to EOL?

During this treacherous adventure with agent Gatt, we follow the:
• Dangers of unlocking the bootloader.
• Discovery of open source code!
• Handling of deprecations…
• Encounter of custom ROMs!
all with the intention of keeping the Android community safe and up to date!

Do you think agent Gatt is up to the task to recover his long lost Google Pixel 2 XL?

Speaker Bio

AOSP Enthusiast
Recognized Developer on XDA Developers
AOSP & Device Engineer