Francesco Romano

Developer Relations Engineer, Android

Talk Title

What can my foldable do?


Salle 2.04




17:15 > 45 min


on Twitter

Foldables are here. They unfold. Then they fold again. But what’s so special about them? First and foremost, a display size change is something to care about and to adapt your app to. Also, folding and unfolding means that the phone can assume different postures, and we’re here to understand how they work and how we can react to them. Last, but not least, we can decide which and how many displays to enable, to better suit our app differentiated experience.
In this talk you will learn what is unique about foldable devices and how to use the Jetpack WindowManager library to improve the user experience on these devices.
In particular we will cover:
- How to retrieve the information about the hinge and react to posture changes
- How to build optimized layouts for different device configurations
- How to use both displays at the same time to implement foldable-unique use cases

Speaker Bio

Developer Relations Engineer for Android @ Google.