Ewelina Skowron

Android Developer

Talk Title

What Connects an Electronic Stethoscope and a Baby Monitor? – A Case Study on BLE Issues


Salle 2.04




11:45 > 45 min


on Twitter

Together we will investigate a case study on BLE Issues in healthcare Android app which I encountered during my work.

During the presentation, I'll show the background of the problem, share how I looked for solutions, explain the reasons behind the issues, and talk about what I've learned along the way. Plus, I'll answer the question from the title.

Join me to discover what can go wrong when trying to mix BLE with Android.

Speaker Bio

I am an enthusiastic Android Developer with over 7 years of experience and a mission to create meaningful and impactful products that truly help people. I’m a big fan of user experience and accessibility. I also love communication between humans and dogs and am the proud owner of 2 rescued dogs. Additionally, I am a silk aerialist.