Etienne Caron

Freelance Software Developer / Consultant

Talk Title

Practical Intro to OpenCV & TensorFlow Lite


Salle Blin




15:00 > 45 min


on Twitter

There is a growing interest in OpenCV and TensorFlow Lite, mainly due to the hype around LLMs. This talk will guide attendees on how to use these tools on Android and explain the tasks they are best suited for. The presentation is based on real-world experiences of supporting the Caper Cart computer vision (CV) team at Instacart.

We will begin by discussing the fundamental concepts of OpenCV and TensorFlow Lite, followed by their implementation in practical computer vision scenarios. The presentation will offer valuable insights on image and video analysis, object detection, and real-time object tracking, all of which are essential components in the development of the Caper Cart product.

During the discussion, we will talk about the challenges faced during development and the solutions found. We'll also focus on using tools like Perfetto to optimize performance in CV applications.

If you're interested in learning about practical applications of OpenCV and TensorFlow Lite, this talk should fit the bill. I look forward to meeting you!

Speaker Bio

Etienne started his career as a back-end developer and pivoted to mobile development in the early 2010s. He worked on all tiers (server, web, mobile, and embedded) of large-scale software platforms and is currently a freelance software development consultant.

– Developer on the Nina™ Mobile speech recognition SDK for Nuance Communications
– Android team lead on TrueKey™ password management app for Intel / McAfee.
– Senior Android developer on Hatchful™ Logo Maker, Shopify.
– Staff developer for e-commerce store management application, Shopify.

Since pivoting to mobile development, Etienne has been an active community member and regularly devotes his time to mentoring startups, developers and students in the space. He lives in Montreal with his wife and daughter and speaks French and English fluently.