Erica Stanley

Director of Engineering, Google

Talk Title

Accessibility and Interaction in a World Beyond Screens


Salle Moebius




09:30 > 45 min


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In this session, we'll explore possible interaction patterns and how they affect accessibility in non-traditional environments, like mixed reality or wearables, as we transition from graphical user interfaces to organic user interfaces.

We'll discuss the kinds of interfaces needed to enable and empower next-generation applications--from augmented and virtual reality to IoT to wearables--taking a deeper look at natural language, gestures, computer vision and even thought, as the next generation of user interaction.

Speaker Bio

Erica Stanley is an engineering leader, community organizer, and tech diversity & inclusion advocate. She is a Director of Engineering, and site lead for Google Play Atlanta, as well as a venture partner and angel investor. During her 20-year career, she’s worked in Fortune 500 companies, early-stage startups, and academia. She holds a B.S and M.S in Computer Science from Clark Atlanta University and has conducted post-graduate research at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she specialized in graphics, visualization, and telepresence.

Erica is active in the Atlanta technology community. She helps develop and teach youth coding programs, speaks at conferences, and user groups, and mentors entrepreneurs for incubators and accelerators. She founded the Atlanta network of Women Who Code and co-founded REFACTR.TECH, a tech conference series that showcases technologists from underrepresented and marginalized backgrounds.