Elaine Dias Batista

Senior Staff Engineer at SFEIR | GDE

Talk Title

Getting Started with GenAI for Android Apps


Salle Blin




10:15 > 45 min


on Twitter

Have you been hearing about AI but hadn't had the opportunity to look more into it? Are you having trouble seeing how those AI tools can be integrated in your Android apps? Join me in this introductory session about GenAI and LLMs where I'll cover some basic definitions around those AI notions. I'll explain the capabilities and limitations of the main solutions out there: Google Gemini, OpenAI ChatGPT, Microsoft Azure AI Studio, Amazon Sagemaker, Hugging Face and others. Finally, I'll cover some interesting use cases that make the most sense for mobile applications.

Speaker Bio

Elaine is a Senior Staff Engineer at SFEIR where she works on projects including mobile technologies since 2013. She has worked on several projects in native Android/iOS and Flutter. She’s a GDE for the Google Assistant, Flutter and Dart