Elaine Dias Batista

Team Leader at SFEIR

Talk Title

Help! What is my place in the IC vs. EM career path?


Salle Mœbius




11:25 > 20 min


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I will take you on a journey of the different career evolution opportunities that I had on my professional experience, be it on an Agency or with a client: developer, Lead Dev, Tech Lead, Scrum Master, Point of Contact, Team Leader, Developer Advocate, Core Team, Lead Chapter, Senior Staff Engineer... Behind all those titles (that I had in a official or non-official way), I could see an evolution on the company's organizations that are looking more and more add value to technical careers and develop a tech culture. Moreover, the definitions and expectations can vary from one company to another. One trend is clear: one path is oriented on technical expertise (Individual Contributor) and another is oriented on people management (Engineering Management), but... how to proceed if we want to do a little bit of both? I may have found the answer and I will explain to you on this talk!

Speaker Bio

Elaine has been working with mobile apps development for the past 6 years. Since the launch of the Google Assistant, she has been following the developments around that area. She truly believes that interacting with technology using natural language will define the future of computing. Born and raised in Brazil, she’s been living in France since 2004 and loves everything multicultural. She’s a GDE for the Google Assistant.