Danny Preussler

Android Lead @ Soundcloud

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Behind the mirror, Kotlin Reflection


Salle 2.02




16:15 > 45 min


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What we know about Reflection is shaped by our experiences in the world of Java. In that world, Reflection is a very advanced feature and is even considered harmful by many.
But do you know that you use Reflection all the time in Kotlin? It “is essential when using a functional or reactive style” as the Kotlin documentation states.
Functions and properties are first-class citizens in Kotlin and so is the ability of their introspection. This talk dives into this world. We’ll go not only through the simple but powerful API but also dig into functionalities like property delegation that uses Reflection. Let’s understand its power.
Have you ever wondered how Kotlin’s features are hidden in normal JVM byte code?
Let’s walk behind the mirror and use and understand the Reflection package of Kotlin.

Speaker Bio

Danny built mobile applications for companies like Viacom, Groupon, eBay and Alcatel. He is a Google Developer Expert for Android and Kotlin. Before there was Android he was already active in the Blackberry development community.