Danny Preussler

Android Lead @ Soundcloud

Talk Title

The Rise and Fall of Feature Teams


Salle Mœbius




16:15 > 20 min


on Twitter

At some point, organizations scale up – they move their platform teams to a setup with cross-functional teams. From now on designers, backend and mobile developers will work together day by day instead of waiting for each other. You will have all the resources you need within your team. And it makes sure that everyone in your team is working on the same thing, preventing isolated islands or working at different speeds, the perfect knowledge-sharing approach,
What if I tell you that in practice this promising world often collapses and at least leads to a new world of problems you have to deal with now? Was it just a nice dream that can turn into a nightmare?

At SoundCloud we went through these setups, we worked like this and we realized it wasn't helping us in the way we wanted. Let me tell you why and what where we ended up with now!

Speaker Bio

Danny built mobile applications for companies like Viacom, Groupon, eBay and Alcatel. He is a Google Developer Expert for Android and Kotlin. Before there was Android he was already active in the Blackberry development community.