Benoit Quenaudon

Cash App

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Sweet Architecture


Salle Mœbius




10:40 > 45 min


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How about unidirectional data flow in an architecture where views and presenters don’t know about each other? While growing up to 40+ engineers and 600+ modules, Cash App managed to control the complexity of its product. Views can be written in either Kotlin or XML; presenters with either Rx, Coroutines, or Compose; no problem. We test views on the JVM and we don’t need to define fake presenters either.

Writing new screens is delightful and we’ll see how we made it possible by:
- Looking at the foundations of the architecture: our internal navigation library which allows clear modularity,
- Checking how it can adapt to presenters using different technologies,
- Explaining how views are defined and tested,
- Seeing how everything is glued together from a bird’s-eye view of the app.

Growing your app and team doesn’t imply more pain nor more complexity. Attendees will gain a sound understanding about how we achieved it.

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Android at Cash App.