Benjamin Kadel

Principal Platform Engineer for Android at Babbel

Talk Title

Crime Scene InvestiGITor


Salle Moebius




15:00 > 45 min


on Twitter

(Or whatever the code version of a murder is... like breaking unit tests, a bug maybe?... I dunno!)

Together, we will learn how to become a professional and revered investiGITor, who will be able to sniff out and solve any version control offence with the ease and panache of a seasoned detective!

Version control software is often a mysterious black-box that we HAVE TO interact with in order to successfully collaborate with others. But what if it doesn't need to be a confusing & complicated enigma?

You will learn to probe into the dark recesses of Git and understand its inner workings by learning how to carry out many tasks that you will undoubtedly need to perform at some point in your career.

For example:
* Ever needed to safely remove a secret that you accidentally stored in the repository?
* Ever had your app break, not know why, and then needed to quickly hunt down the exact commit where a bug was introduced?
* Ever needed to travel back in time, through history, to stop a crime before it even happens...(sort of)?

...All these things and a bunch more useful & interesting, lesser-known ways to become a masterful git detective and truly understand the most important tool in a developer's arsenal.

So come have a little fun with me in this talk, bring the bugs to justice, solve the case of the naughty commit & become a hero by defending the integrity of your codebase!

Speaker Bio

Developer, Presenter/Teacher, Open source advocate, Ultimate frisbee player & Board game hoarder.
I love the fact that I get to code for a living, but I am also incredibly passionate about sharing, collaborating and helping others on their dev journey!
I also have a growing YouTube channel (, where I try to make entertaining & educational content about programming, the tech industry and specific tutorials to breakdown complex topics.
I adore presenting, story-telling and just generally engaging with an audience. If I am able to make life, even just a little brighter for someone then I have succeeded!