Alessandro Mautone

Lead Android Engineer @Canyon

Talk Title

What if ADB does not have to be that complicated?


Salle 2.02




12:25 > 20 min


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ADB (Android Debug Bridge) is an extremely powerful command-line tool that allows communicating with a device. It allows from the most basic things like installing an app to more sophisticated ones like clearing a specific shared preference, tapping on a specific view, and so on. By chaining them, we can create powerful scripts that can automate our most common workflows like launching an app, logging in, and so on. Remembering all the ADB commands can be particularly challenging - or at least it is for me - hence I created "Simple ADB", an open-source tool written in Python that lets us effortlessly build powerful scripts.
In this talk, I want to quickly introduce you to ADB, and then walk you through my journey and the challenges in building this project, and how to unleash its potential.

Speaker Bio

I started coding around the age of 18 and immediately fell in love with it. Since I was always passionate about mobile (first with Nokia and their Symbian and then with Android), it was natural for me to continue on that path. I started working in a small agency in South Italy where I had the opportunity to work on a lot of projects, then decided to expand my horizons and moved to Amsterdam where I started to work at WeTransfer. After almost 5 years there, I decided to pursue an industry I have at heart: bikes! And started working for Canyon.

Particular signs: I love sports in general, I am a regular runner and since love everything that flies I am a proud paraglider!