Ailton Lopes Mendes

Mobile Developer at IPPON Technologies

Talk Title

Let’s test Gemini, Google’s AI in an Android application!


Salle Blin




13:45 > 20 min


on Twitter

All eyes are on AI, which suggests that it will certainly be at the center of this year 2024. Mobile is no exception, with Google once again standing out with its latest AI model, Gemini ✨.

Our interest naturally focused on this new AI in order to explore and understand its potential.

We therefore wanted to put the idea of embedding Gemini directly into an Android application to the test, to discover just how much can be done using the features of this model.

In this presentation, we'll test different use cases for Gemini, then implement a concrete use case, in an Android application, with a chatbot 🤖

Speaker Bio

Born at Portugal and move to France in my teen years, and now a mobile developer