Yassine Benabbas

Worldline. Mobile developer, lead dev

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Let’s discover the possibilities of Kotlin beyond Android


Salle 2.02




10:40 > 45 min


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You're already developing Android apps with Kotlin ? Then, you're not far from being a FullStack and cross-platform developer.

Indeed, the Kotlin ecosystem is versatile, allowing to develop many types of apps such servers, CLIs, Desktop apps and mobile apps, etc.

In this this coding workshop, we'll explore some possibilities of the Kotlin ecosystem outside of pure Android development. More specifically, we'll create these apps:

- A REST API Server with KTOR
- A Cross-platform web app with Compose Multiplatform
- A Cross-platform Desktop / Android app with Compose Multiplatform
- An cross-platform iOS / Android library with KMM

Here are the prerequisites:
- IntelliJ IDEA Community or Ultimate edition
- Android Studio with the KMM plugin

The workshop material is available online: https://worldline.github.io/learning-kotlin. The source code of the workshop is available on GitHub: https://worldline.github.io/learning-kotlin/

Speaker Bio

Yassine is a lead developer and teacher. He develops mobile apps during his daily job and teaches different subjects related to development and algorithms. He also has a PhD on the subject of computer vision.