Madona Wambua

Founder & CTO

Talk Title

KotlinCraft: Building Resilient, Testable, and Scalable Applications in the Modern Era


Salle Moebius




14:00 > 45 min


on Twitter

Crafting robust and scalable applications in the modern software landscape requires a blend of advanced techniques and cutting-edge tools. In this talk, Madona will guide attendees through building resilient systems, focusing on leveraging Kotlin's expressive syntax, powerful testing capabilities, and scalability features.

Let's explore the Kotlin language, its role in architecting testable code, and strategies for achieving scalability without compromising code quality.

Speaker Bio

Madona S. Wambua is the Founder and CTO of Jibu Labs, an Author, a Keynote Speaker, an Android Expert, and has over a decade in software engineering. She is also a Women Tech Makers Ambassador and Co-Chair, a host of Tech Talks with Madona, and a developer who enjoys sharing her Android knowledge and teaching others how to make Android applications.