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Unusable or Undebuggable? Rebelling against “best practices”


Salle Mœbius




15:50 > 20 min


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Thanks to new Compose libraries, making a good looking Wear OS app is becoming very easy!

However, on the watch, if you need to scroll, LazyColumn gives you 5-10 frames per second at best in debug mode.

Unusable? Unacceptable!

Actually, I noticed the scrolling performance wasn't that great in debug on the phone too, so I went on to fix this, succeeded, and got bonus features I missed in LazyColumn!

You'll learn the full story and see how it's all implemented.

Speaker Bio

I love reliable, efficient, and fun things.
Kotlin is my go-to tool to achieve that in software projects since 2016.

I maintain a few successful open source projects like refreshVersions and Splitties, while seeking new problems to solve with new libraries.

Always trying to innovate, I am interested in a lot of technical subjects of all scales, and how they are linked, directly or not.

I also specifically love commuting by recumbent bike, velomobiles, and lego technic.