Jeroen Mols

Software Developer at Plaid and GDE

Talk Title

Staying passionate about your craft


Salle Mœbius




11:50 > 45 min


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Like projects, careers aren't static and they definitely have their ups and downs. And while work isn't the most important thing in life, it does take up a sizeable amount of our time. So how can you remain excited to go to work every morning?

In this talk, Jeroen will reflect back at his decade long software development career. We'll have a laugh at all the poor choices he made, see how luck tends to shape the most pivotal moments and even have an open conversation about the absolute lows.

From leading a 14+ people team, to becoming a GDE, starting his own business, doing remote work being 9(!) timezones ahead and having three lovely children... It makes for an interesting story, but not a silver bullet to a happy career. Hopefully though, Jeroen can shed some light on how to make

Speaker Bio

Jeroen Mols is full stack developer at Plaid, a Google Developer Expert (GDE) in Android and an internationally recognized speaker. With a passion for complex systems and highly technical apps, Jeroen has helped realize four connected products, over 15 Android applications and is passionately learning React.

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