Frédéric Torcheux

MWM - Android developer

Talk Title

Make Gradle work for you, create your own tasks and plugins


Salle 2.04




16:15 > 20 min


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As Android developers, we often interact with build.gradle(.kts) and settings.gradle(.kts) to build our apps with Gradle. Sometimes, we add a plugin that magically provides us with some needed features (aka Tasks) without knowing how it works under the hood.

Discover the power of Gradle and how you can script some manual and painful tasks to make Gradle work for you.

During this presentation, you will learn:

- What is a Task, and how to create your own
- What is a Plugin, and how to create your own
- Provide a nice DSL to configure your tasks
- How to publish your plugin

Speaker Bio

Fell in love with Android since I had my first smartphone (Gingerbread