François Légaré

Innovation service lab lead

Talk Title

Off to the Races with Android


Salle Mœbius




11:40 > 45 min


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With the advent of modern 5G, single digits millisecond network latency is no longer a pipe dream, and on public networks, you can typically get 40ms to 50ms latency. To create buzz around these performance numbers, Bell 5G/MEC Innovation Lab came to us with an exciting project proposition: Create a remote-presence, high-performance model car racing experience for the Montreal Formula One Grand Prix.

We will present our approach to building this unique experience using cutting-edge technologies such as computer vision, machine learning and real-time communication. We'll discuss the technical challenges we faced and our solutions. Our core pillar is an Android phone controlling customized microcontrollers over USB integrating multiple sensors. Supervising the races, an overseeing machine-learning model. We'll also have a rare look into the cell network hardware needed to keep everything responsive and exciting.

This talk should be of interest to Android developers, robotics and IoT enthusiasts, as well as ML specialists looking for novel ways to combine the use of these technologies.

Speaker Bio

Francois is an experienced IT professional with a degree in information technology engineering, a DEC in computer science, and an MBA. He has worked in various roles since 1998, including as a programmer analyst, system architect, team lead, web/mobile developer, and trainer. He is currently an Innovation lead at the 5G/MEC innovation lab at Bell, where he combines AI, AR/VR, cloud, and IoT solutions to benefit enterprise clients. Francois is also an active member of the IT community in Montreal and has given talks on various IT topics. His strengths include innovation, creativity, communication, and project leadership.