Alan Chiu

Buf, Software Engineer. Ex-Lyft.

Talk Title

Collaborating with Protobuf & Type-Safe APIs


Salle Blin




14:50 > 20 min


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Collaboration across different stacks is complicated both within teams and across organizations. In this talk, we'll explore a real world case study: How Protobuf was integrated at Lyft (a U.S. ride-share company) and how it unlocked code generation to help improve the development experience and velocity for engineers working together across platforms. At the end of this talk, you'll be equipped with the understanding of how to use Protobuf to easily improve your development workflow.

Speaker Bio

Alan is currently a Software Engineer at Buf working on Protobuf and generated code. Previously, Alan was a lead at Lyft for various teams including mobile networking: Protobuf, code generation, metrics, and Envoy Mobile. Along with his background in scaling organizations, Alan gravitates towards developer tooling problems and improving collaborative environments for engineers.

Outside of Software, Alan does pottery and boulders for fun!